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Our Hotel is few kilometres from Salerno with ist Arechi Castle, a Medieval castle offering wonderful seaview and a ceramic and medioeval coins museum. The town centre cathedral has been built on a roman temple ruins. It a Byzantine style cathedarl, with a baroc crypt. The Minerva terrace garden, important for officinals plant since XIV century. Salerno, during Christmas time, is a magic place with lights, colors, sound and scents.


Paestum Archeological Area, Unesco patrimony, is very interesting and it is defined by ancient wall and towers. The important museum with ist greek pieces, and “The Tomb of The Diver”, an example of Magna Grecia painting.


Cilento Coast whit its Natural Park, Unesco Patrimony. A beautiful natural coast with many localities with wonderful beaches.

Castelcivita Caverns

Castelcivita Caverns, with an exetention of 4800 m, the vastest speleological site of South of Italy.

The Amalfitan Coast

Amalfitan Coast, famous holiday destination, with its deep cliffs and small beaches with pastel colored fisherman villages. The coastal road from Salerno port to Sorrento twists and turns through villas, terrace vineyards and lemon groves overlooking the sea.

Padula Charterhouse

Padula Charterhouse or San Lorenzo, is located in Padula, Vallo di Diano, in Salerno province. It is the first charterhouse in Campania region, even before San Martino in Naples and San Giacomo in Capri island.